Scandinavian transport group Litra satisfied with Knapen Trailers

In collaboration with our Norwegian dealer Trailerpartner AS we regularly produce trailers for the Litra Group. The Litra Group includes several divisions such as Litra Gass AS, Litra Bulk AS and Litra Termo AS (for refrigerated transport). The Litra Group has branches in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Long-term partnership

Trailerpartner AS is our specialised dealer in Norway. It is a highly appreciated partner by the market thanks to its 50 years of specialist knowledge in the field of trailers. Ann-Kristin Smestadmoen, CEO of Trailerpartner AS says:

Our relationship with Litra AS dates back many years. The first contacts were made in 1996.

The Litra Group operates various Knapen trailers to their full satisfaction. The company uses several NEXT trailers configured with leak resist floor profiles, a side door trailer and a number of customised moving floor trailers.

Service, quality and trust

Founded in 1917, Litra AS has evolved into one of the largest transport companies in Norway. Litra specialises in transporting fuel, gas and various types of bulk goods. Henrik Kolsrud, Technical Manager of the Litra Group, together with Steinar Karlsen, CEO of Litra Gass AS, is responsible for purchasing across the entire Litra Group, including the vehicle fleet. Henrik explains: “Service, quality and trust are vital when we select our suppliers.”

A personal relationship with the supplier is another important aspect. They must be able to listen to our wishes and needs, and contribute to solutions. These qualities ensure great cooperation between Litra AS and Trailerpartner AS

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Service, quality and trust are vital when we select our suppliers.

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Henrik Kolsrud, Technical Manager - Litra AS
Standard options lighten the load

As the Litra Group transports various cargoes, they use different models of Knapen moving floor trailers. The majority of the models are fairly standard, but some trailers incorporate specific options that facilitate the transport of malted grain. Some moving floor trailers also feature the optional Huckepack system. This option allows Knapen moving floor trailers to be used for both road and rail transport. The loaded trailer is hoisted onto the train by a crane. This multimodality ultimately reduces CO2, as rail transport has significantly lower emissions than road transport.
The moving floor trailers also have a fixed aluminium roof to prevent the malt from getting wet. A grain hopper with bottom discharge is installed for dosed unloading. Partly thanks to all these options, Henrik is very satisfied with the Knapen moving floor trailers. Henrik concludes by saying:

Knapen's moving floor trailers are the Rolls-Royces of their class. They offer reliable quality and functionality .