Information to the KRONE Whistleblower and complaints System 

Krone maintains an open culture and cooperation, in which those affected can express information about possible violations of laws or internal regulations. 

All stakeholder have the option of contacting the designated KRONE Compliance Officer directly or anonymously contacting our external trusted attorney (Ombudsman). Confidentiality and data protection are always guaranteed with every contact by both, the Compliance Officer and the Ombudsman. 

Our internal whistleblowing policy, which applies to our employees, ensures that employees are not disadvantaged if they report a suspected violation in good faith. 

The grievance procedure under the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (German LKSG) enables everyone to point out human rights risks and environmental risks and violations of human rights or environmental obligations. 

We follow up all reports fairly and confidentially, while respecting the rights of all parties involved, in accordance with the KRONE complaints procedure. [Rules of procedure].
Where a violation is identified, we respond with measures to stop the misconduct immediately.


KRONE Compliance Officer

Irene Vehring Telephone: +49 (0)5977 - 935 48714




Dr Carsten Thiel von Herff, LL.M.

Loebellstrasse 4, D - 33602 Bielefeld

Tel: +49 521 557 333 0 / Mobile: +49 151 58230321


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