Moving the Future since 1984

2024 is a special year for Knapen Trailers. It's our 40th anniversary! That milestone is certainly a reason to celebrate. We invite you to join us on the “drive of our life”. This amazing drive is coloured by your experiences: our valued customers, our enthusiastic dealers and the passion of our team. During the coffee breaks along the route, we reflect with pride on:

  • 40 Years of Experience

  • 40 Years of Knowledge

  • 40 Years of Innovation

  • 40 Years of Leading in Moving Floors 

We're looking ahead as well as in the rear view mirror! With our characteristic passion for the product, committed, driven and full of energy. Just like the world of transport, we are a dynamic organisation and actively contribute to the further development of our sector. It's what we have done for the past 40 years, and something we will continue to do in the future.

Moving the Future


The rich history of Knapen Trailers

Knapen Trailers was founded in 1984 under the management of Piet Knapen. In the years that followed, Knapen Trailers evolved into the European market leader in the field of moving floor trailers.

Knapen Trailers launched many unique concepts as the first of their kind onto the market, including impressive inventions such as the well-known self-supporting construction design, Europe's first moving floor trailer with side doors, the EXTREME for heavy waste and scrap and many more.  Knapen enjoys a rich history perfectly encapsulated in the slogan "no guts, no glory".


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Stay updated

We invite you to join us on the “drive of our life” in this jubilee year. A route packed with important milestones, interesting information, fun facts and with confidence in the future. Read more here in the coming months!


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