We raise the bar every time, but this time we clear it completely for you. The middle post of the EXSIDE simply slides aside. This creates the widest possible side door opening of 12.9 metres!

Proven Flexibility Improved!


The flexibility demanded by modern
transport companies

The EXSIDE allows you to transport any imaginable type of cargo effortlessly. From today, there is absolutely no reason to miss out on a load. Are you ready to cut down those empty kilometres even further?


General cargo such as pallets and big bags can be loaded and unloaded through the 12.9 metre wide side door opening. All you need to do is slide the mid post to one side. The liftable upper rail (optional), allows you to create an additional 30 cm of working height during loading and unloading.


Bulk cargo can be loaded with ease via the opened roof sheet. The moving floor unloads your bulk cargo.


Long indivisible loads don't just have to be loaded through the side door opening. When you are loading or unloading profiles with a crane, you can easily open the beam above the rear doors (optional) and the bars. This rotating upper beam can be operated from the ground, eliminating the need to climb: Drivers’ Ease & Safety!


Winner of the Trailer Innovation Award 2021!

A jury of 15 industry experts crowned the EXSIDE's pioneering and innovative design with the ‘Trailer Innovation Award 2021’! The EXSIDE was deemed to be revolutionary as the new concept is superior to all existing moving floor trailers with side doors. The jury praised the enormous increase in loading width and the liftable upper rail above the side doors which creates an impressive 300 mm extra working height. Our sincere thanks to the jury for this amazing recognition.


See the award ceremony


Left, right or on both sides

Every customer is unique. So it is up to you to decide whether you want the side doors on the left or right, depending on the type of work you do. And if one side is not enough, we can construct your EXSIDE trailer with side doors on both sides as an option.


Tested in the unforgiving Nordic winter

We at Knapen Trailers know better than anyone that a moving floor trailer does not enjoy a life of luxury. So only the most rigorous tests in harsh winter conditions were good enough for us. Scandinavia is known for its long, severe winters, and it is also a region of wide expanses, long distances, numerous tight hairpin bends and high permissible loading weights. In other words, the perfect location to really discover if the EXSIDE is worthy enough to bear the KNAPEN stamp of approval. It passed the test with flying colours!












Watch the full video here


Knowledge driven by years of experience

As the proud inventor of the moving floor trailer with side doors, we have experience that dates back to the very first test in 1992. When a trailer is transporting a bulk load, the closed side doors must be able to withstand the same amount of pressure as a fixed sidewall. Day after day. In addition, frost, pollution and soiling, vibration and contortion caused by the load are all factors that impact the service life of a trailer. Knapen Trailers knows all the tricks of the trade. As the inventor of this concept, we have the most experience in terms of all the technical challenges involved with side doors in a moving floor trailer.


Basic specifications

 StandardCustomisation is possible
Total side door opening12,9 m
Length13,67 m
Height4,0 m
Width2,55 m
Volume93 m³
Europ allets33
Fifth wheel height1,15 m
Wheelbase7,750 mm
Number of axles3
Max. Axle load27 ton
Max. Fifth wheel load18 ton


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