Wood shavings, sawdust, pellets or other litter. They all have a low weight. So your trailer will soon be full, even though you have not yet loaded the maximum permitted weight. Knapen Trailers has the right solution for transporting wood.



Thanks to our many years of experience and innovations, you always have the maximum loading within the legally permissible dimensions.

Large volume

As standard, we supply trailers with a loading volume of 92 m³ that measure 13.6 m long and 4 m high. The volume can be expanded to reach 105 m³ with the same dimensions. Even higher volumes can be loaded using a long heavy vehicle (LHV) combination, which can be extended by using various types of trailers.

In addition to a large loading volume, the ability to combine (return) cargo is an important advantage of our unique moving floor trailers. For example, you can arrive at a paper factory with wood chips and leave with new rolls of paper... The possibilities are endless.

Next level trailer

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