General cargo

An advantage of a moving floor trailer is the flexibility of type of loads to transport. Besides bulk transport, it is also possible to transport pallets or big bags with a moving floor trailer. Especially with our EXSIDE you have extra flexiblity as you can also load general cargo from the sides.


Pallets, big bags or paper rolls

A Knapen trailer can carry bulk loads and pallets. A forklift truck can drive on the moving floor. So your general cargo can be loaded and unloaded with ease.

Total opening width of 12.9 metres!

If you regularly transport general cargo, we also offer trailers with side doors, the EXSIDE. This model has a total opening width of 12.9 metres! The side doors make it even easier to load general cargo and indivisible loads.

  • The ideal solution for general cargo and big bags
  • Bulk loads can be loaded with ease via the opened roof sheet
  • Long indivisible loads can be loaded from the side or top (optional rotating bars and upper beam)
  • Side doors on the left, right or both sides
  • Also available in a light version

Fully openable sides


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