By pushing the boundaries, we have created a competitive advantage in our branch for many years. We raise the bar with each innovation. So we can guarantee the lowest total cost, trouble-free use and the highest residual value.

Proven Quality Improved!



A successful legacy

The proven NEXT construction can be traced to 1984. Since that time, numerous improvements have been implemented. All in gradual stages to avoid any technical risks for our customers. The foundation of our NEXT construction dates from the 1980s when it was the first moving floor trailer on the European roads. No other moving floor trailer has seen more models built than the NEXT. This makes the NEXT the undisputed market leader in the moving floor trailer segment. And not just for sheer numbers, but also for quality.


A genuine all-rounder

The NEXT is a genuine all-rounder. You can effortlessly transport different types of bulk loads and cargo. Offering you the benefit of flexibility when choosing your load. Carry pallets, big-bags or bulk load as return freight. Are you ready to cut down those empty kilometres even further?


Versatile & Customer-specific

Every customer and every type of transport is different. An option that is unnecessary for one customer can be absolutely necessary for the other. That is why the NEXT is a modular trailer with over 200 options. So that - together with your dealer - you can configure your own, specific NEXT trailer. Forgot to add an option or has the nature of your work changed? Thanks to its modular construction, many options can be retrofitted to your existing NEXT Trailer by your dealer or service partner. Enabling you to keep your fleet flexible and efficient in the long term.

Steel or aluminium chassis

NEXT moving floor trailers can be produced with two types of chassis: steel or aluminium. Is a low own weight of the moving floor trailer important? Then choose an aluminium self-supporting chassis due to its lower weight compared with a steel chassis. Our aluminium chassis is anodised as standard. Read more about the anodised aluminium chassis here.

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The benefits of the NEXT 
  • A trailer with no technical risks

  • Proven since 1984 by carrying loads of more than 35 tonnes

  • Extensively trialled

  • Full robot-welded using solar power

  • Ideal weight/strength ratio

  • Unique rear door construction

  • More than 200 modular options

  • Highest residual value















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Basic specifications



Customisation is


Length 13,67 m V
Height 4,0 m Ja
Width 2,55 m Ja
Volume 93 m³ Ja
Euro pallets 33 Ja
Fifth wheel height 1,15 m Ja
Wheelbase 7,750 mm Ja
Number of axles 3 Ja
Max. Axle load 27 ton Ja
Max. Fifth wheel load 18 ton Ja


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