Safe & Fast

The PowerSheet® is the ideal way to close the top of your moving floor trailer watertight within just 30 seconds. A 24V motor and an ingenious pivot arm roll the roof sheet over your trailer effortlessly and safely. It goes without saying that the PowerSheet® can be operated from the ground using the Knapen Trailers remote control: Safety First!

The proven sheeting system

Opening and closing the roof sheet on a trailer manually is a time-consuming task. This is why trailers are often driven with the roof sheet open, particularly when empty. This causes the wind air current to whirl against the inside of the rear doors and leads to significantly higher fuel consumption. An automatic sheeting system offers many advantages, especially if the driver has to climb onto the platform to open and close the roof sheet several times a day.


The PowerSheet® allows you to drive with a closed roof sheet easily, quickly and at all times. Driving with the roof sheet closed saves up to 4% of fuel use compared with driving with the sheet open. Another valuable benefit of the PowerSheet® is that the driver can always work safely from the ground without having to climb onto the platform. In addition, the regulations at increasing numbers of loading and unloading sites state that using an automatic sheeting is mandatory. 

More and more customers choose PowerSheet®
  • Safety: open and close the roof sheet easily from the ground using the Knapen Trailers remote control - no need to climb onto the trailer.

  • Time saving: open and close the roof sheet in just 30 seconds. This represents an immense time saving compared with manual operation, especially if you load and unload multiple loads each day.

  • Significant fuel savings: always drive with the roof sheet closed and save up to 4% of fuel use per trip compared with a trailer with an open roof sheet.

  • Regulations at unloading regulations/loading sites: for reasons of driver and worker safety, an automatic sheeting system is mandatory at increasing numbers of sites. The Knapen trailer with PowerSheet® complies fully with these regulations, so you are not restricted in any way.


Extensively trialled

All products are extensively trialled in practical conditions to ensure they satisfy the strict requirements of Knapen Trailers. Continuous innovation and improvement are integral in this respect. The pivot arm of the PowerSheet® is up to 3x stronger compared with other sheeting systems. Once the sheet is closed it is tightened again with an applied force of no less than 340Nm! Something that is impossible using a manual ratchet. That is the power behind the name PowerSheet®.



Open and close ... 


...30 seconds


You benefit from:

  • Watertight closing

  • Operation from the ground: safety first

  • Open and close the roof sheet in just 30 seconds

  • Automatic tightening

  • No straps, manual ratchets or elastic straps needed

  • No platform or projecting sheet support needed

  • Drive via 24v motor

  • Significant fuel savings


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