In the context of Special Solutions, Knapen Trailers has developed a fantastic central axle trailer in collaboration with its dealer Trailerpartner AS. Trailerpartner AS is a highly valued and appreciated market partner thanks to its more than 50 years of specialist technical knowledge in this field.


The customer already drives Knapen EXSIDE moving floor trailers to their complete satisfaction. This central axle trailer can now be connected to the trailer to create a Longer Heavier Vehicle (LHV). What makes this Special Solution unique is that the central axle trailer also features the latest Knapen side door construction, the EXSIDE system. The side doors can be opened completely and the mid post can be moved fully to the side. In other words, this central axle trailer offers all the functionalities of the standard EXSIDE moving floor trailer, but in this case on a trailer body of just 7.5 metres long.

Extra volume and flexibility
The customer opted for this LHV combination thanks to the total volume and flexibility it offers. Both vehicles can be used separately when required. The standard trailer can be easily extended to create an LHV that provides an additional loading volume of more than 53 m³ simply by connecting the central axle trailer.


Environmentally concious & Lowest Cost of Ownership

The LHV appears to the most efficient solution for many transporters and for environmental challenges. This type of trailer enables a higher volume of cargo to be carried in one transport movement. This offers the benefits of saving time, cutting costs and reducing CO2 emissions. Several types of approved LHV can be seen on the roads in Europe. As an example, an LHV with a length of 25.25 metres and a train weight of maximum 60 tons, enables around a 55% higher volume of cargo to be transported in a single movement. That is a real win-win situation!